The Our Lady of Fatima Needy Students Education Fund (OLOFNEF) is a 2012 initiative by the Our Lady of Fatima secondary school community under the participatory, focused and transformative leadership of the School Management. This is a culmination of consultative efforts of students, teachers and the school administration towards ensuring that all students joining our school successfully complete their four year course despite the myriad of challenges that confront them.The bulk of the students come from very needy backgrounds.  The major problems range from being totally orphaned or left with one parent, living with / taking care of ill parents, poverty stricken homes, disabled parents, children heading homes or guardians who get overwhelmed by  the myriad of problems. Against this background are very brilliant and well deserving students whom the teachers have noticed with much concern. It is with reason that OLOFNEF was born. Specifically, the purpose of starting the OLOFNEF initiative is to address the felt need of financially or materially assist. From experience, these learners have nobody to turn to. Worse of, in the absence of these much needed assistance the students have interrupted schooling or eventually drop out of school. To found this initiative, the entire Our Lady of Fatima secondary school community is motivated by the school mission, “To provide affordable quality and wholesome education to all boys and girls who pass through the school”. In our endeavour to actualize the prime aim of OLOFNEF we are looking forward to pull resources, go the extra mile to exploit our financial potentials to the maximum. Beginning from within, reflecting on our school motto “Save Africa with Africans through higher education” we seek for kind and generous contributions from our friends, sponsors, corporate bodies, well wishers and the government.Our conviction is that the synergy will emanate from us working closely with our well wishers will ultimately lead to realisation of academic dreams of our students.

The objective of OLOFNEF

The overall objective that we envisage to achieve through OLOFNEF is to mobilise for raising of funds and/or sourcing for sponsors to financially assist the most needy  students in the school community to enable them  to progressively have uninterrupted learning throughout their studies from form one to four. The needy/deserving students will be objectively identified through the respective class teachers and the OLOFNEF organising committee. We shall post in our school web-site (www.olofatima.com) the pictures and brief profiles of our students who are orphaned for consideration for sponsorship by potential sponsors. 

Avenues for raising funds

The following avenues that will be used to raise funds are;

v     Voluntary contributions from the key stakeholders of the school: Students, Teaching and Non-Teaching staff and Parents of the Our Lady of Fatima secondary school community will engage in various innovative fund raising activities from time to time in attempt to raise some funds towards the kitty.

v     Deliberate efforts will be put in place to approach the Our Lady of Fatima secondary school sponsors, friends, well wishers, corporate bodies etc for generous contribution both in kind and in monetary terms. Indeed, as stated above, OLOFNEF organising committee on behalf of the needy and bright students we are making a humble appeal to anybody out there to help in sponsoring orphaned students in the school community.N/B: All donations or funds raised courtesy to OLOFNEF can be banked or will be banked in Family Bank OLOFNEF account No. 041000015562 where the School Principal, Treasurer and Chairperson are signatories.

The running of the affairs of OLOFNEF

The affairs of OLONEF will be managed and administered by a ten (10) member committee that consist of School Administration, Heads of Forms (Form one to four) and class teachers. The day to day running of OLOFNEF is done by the officials of OLONEF in consultation with the school administration. OLOFNEF committee will be having at least one consultative and evaluative meeting per month. The identification of the students to benefit from the OLOFNEF kitty will be handled by the class teachers of the respective classes who will forward their lists of needy and disciplined students in order of priority to the OLOFNEF secretary for tabling to the committee for further scrutiny. To come up with the final list of beneficiaries the committee will be guided objectively by the following criteria:

·       Parental status of the students (the totally orphaned, partially orphaned and children from terminally ill parents will be given preference)

·       Academic performance (students will need to be in either position 1-20 in his/her form or have shown improvement in their academic work to be given preference)

·       The committee will also consider unique cases as presented by the class teachers.   








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B.O.G / P.T.A


1.   Mrs. Alice Wekesa- Chaiperson 

2.   Fr. Paulino Mondo -Sponsor

3.   Mr. Fredrick Njoroge- Governor

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