1.  Subjects offered – Biology, Chemistry and Physics  

 2.  Human Resource:a)   Laboratory technicians – two (Male and Female) are trained           b)      Teachers- sixteen graduate teachers (Male and Female)   


The school has four laboratory rooms with a capacity of fifty learners per room. Has one preparation room divide into sitting space and chemical room.          

 The following facilities are available in each laboratory.          

-Main electricity          

-Gas supply          

-Water supply           

 -Fume exhaust (fixed fume cupboard) – only one is available          

 -Each laboratory room 

  •  has at least two exits.          
  •  black out curtains         
  • chalkboard (green colour)         
  •  First aid box -Fire –fighting facilities e.g. CO2 /dry powder type fire extinguisher in each room. -Furniture – movable and fixed benches, stools, storage cupboards. -All the three subjects offered are well –equipped with the recommended basic facilities.     






 The French room in Our Lady of Fatima doubles up as the academic as well as the social representation of the Francophone world. It gives the French experience to the students. All the French lessons in the school from Form one to Form 4 are done in the room. The room is adorned with posters, which give a glimpse to the Hexagon (another name given to France due to its shape) and other Francophone countries. The room is also a melting pot of Francophone cultural activities such as music, dance and theatre.

The room is however not fully equipped. It lack essential equipment namely a television a DVD machine and a projectors. These equipment are very necessary in the leaning of a Foreign language for the audio-visual effect. Fortunately, the students, with the assistance of the teachers, make maximum use of what is already there. The result is usually formidable.


  It is an integrated and applied science in Technical department. It consists of two teachers and one laboratory assistant namely. Mrs. Aura, Miss Sirengo and Mrs. Maina respectively. A subject once viewed as girls domain, is currently positively chosen and highly performed by boys. Currently 190 students from form 1 -4 are taking the subject. Team work is highly emphasized in the department leading to outstanding performance. In KCSE 2010, this was the only subject that registered grades above D+. We are aiming higher for more ‘A’s and C- as the last grade.

Besides academics, our students are involved in school activities where they apply their cooking, interior decoration, flower arrangements just to mention but a few . We intend to participate in Nairobi Provincial exhibitions
(NAPAHICA) for the very first time this year to boost the students confidence, analytical skills and applicability of the subject.


The school library is on the 1st floor above the Chemistry lab. It is size of a classroom. It has two sections the study section and reserve section In the study section are study tables. The reserve section was reference books for all the subjects evaluation material together with daily papers.It has enabled the students to access information and emphasizes on research and critical thinking. The current challenges faces include  i)        It is small in size compared to the school population currently at 800 students. ii)       Inadequate reference materials. iii)      Currently the school has no trained librarian.          The resource person in charge is offering voluntary services.          


To build an ultra-modern library. A school library plays a major role in the school’s performance therefore equipping. It should be among the priorities of the school.  Teacher in charge – Mrs. Marindich Librarian in charge – Mr. Brown  


The school has grown from one stream to a four stream since its inception. From the entrance their two district section the school playing ground region and the classes enclosure.  The welcoming expanse school play ground adds beauty to the well maintained school compounds that is punctuated by trimmed hedges around the administration block and classes.  The administration front yard is a home to various historical trees whose shed the students enjoy while having talks or doing their group discussion. In this section we have got the academic notice board that is cherished for the good postings it holds.  While the parade ground doubles as the basketball pitch, it is also a grounds of honour for many school functions. Towards the kitchen area there is a water point where student draw water for general use. The overhead and underground tanks store water and cushions the eater shortage that keep biting the regions.  The boys have an exclusive washroom from the girls besides the girls washroom does have two showering facilities.


Our Lady of Fatima Secondary School play ground is about one hectare. This area has accommodated football pitch, volley ball pitch, netball pitch and athletic track. The area is therefore not adequate for all the pitches making them below standard. Inorder to provide variety of activities to the student population of over 1000, the basketball pitch can only be used after lessons.  Given its proximity to the classrooms and administration block, the basketball can only be used after lesson.   Despite being inadequate, it has enabled us to identify, tap and nurture talents among the students who have even represents the school and Nairobi province in National championships.   Teacher in charge  Mrs. Aura Mrs. Marindich.


The school has no Dinning Hall.  What we have is a semi permanent structure which students do not use. It was in use during the initial stage of the school when the enrolment was low. However, due to numerical growth of the institution the structure is of use.  This dinning has no seats or tables. It is not well ventilated and even the floor requires rehabilitation. All these challenges render minimum utilization. Students eat from outside some standing and others under the trees. Bearing in mind our school is in the slums, it is a fact the environment is not very clean and therefore not safe when food is exposed. This challenge is farther heightens during the rainy seasons. While the school rules deter students from eating in their classrooms, they are forced to bend this rule since they cannot eat while being rained on. The school aims at producing all round students. This includes eating manners. It is difficult to teach our students table names and etiquette when the school doe not have proper dinning facilities.


The classrooms are 8 meters by 8.5m in dimension. Classrooms have large windows to allow light needed for learning visibility. Each form has four streams bringing a total of sixteen classrooms. Each class is spacious to accommodate about forty eight students. Each has two doors, the front and the rear door for emergency exit. At the back of the classroom is a notice board to pin notices. At the front we have a large chalkboard used as teaching aid. One part of the board is a grid used in teaching of graphs in various subject like Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Geography and others. There is also a small notice board in front wall of the classroom. It is used to pin the timetable and other notices. Desks are arranged in columns. These are four columns. Each column has two desk together then space running from  the back of the class to allow for teacher movement during teaching.` 


The school has one main staff room known as staffroom 1 and an extension popularly referred to as staffroom II. The staffroom was initially a staff Dinning hall. It was converted into a makeshift staffroom in 2000. It has a staffroom PR representative who is the link between the administration and members of staffroom II. The staffroom has 14 tables for teachers. The staffroom host 14 teachers. It has 20 lockable wall closets for teachers to keeps their books and other items personal and official to facilitate the teaching and learning process. The staffroom hosts 6 male teachers and 7 female teachers cutting across all the departments in the school. The staffroom has two sockets. It has a chalkboard to post import information notice board to post internal memos, school teaching examination timetable duty, duty roster and letters/reminders from school, KNUT and Ministry of Education. Advertisements directly affecting the teaching fraternity one also posted on it. A sink for t teachers to wash the glasses and water tank (100) for teachers to wash their hands. The school has adopted technology the staffroom has a lap top desktop computers. Among the 14 tables, one has a staffroom computer monitor and CPU – from the above details, one teacher lacks a sitting place and thus has to share table with teachers who does not have a lot of making at the time. The staffroom therefore has its resources over stretched. The teachers wash rooms are only 4. Two for males and two for females. Staffroom II does not have any of this essential facilities has to do what is provided in main administration block. On the brighter side, teachers staffroom II feed their marks using Sims application from the of their comfort staffroom without having to go  the main administration to have their records updated having been a staff Dining Hall , the staffroom is  adjacent to the school kitchen . The staffroom requires a grilled door in addition to the steel door existing. Staffroom II is very warm with teachers who create humour out of a very difficult situation. This in many aspects shows that the officers in staffroom II creates a conducive environment  and also show qualities of good stress managers. The teachers in staffroom II form part of the team that has seen OLOF steered to greater heights.  


B.O.G / P.T.A


1.   Mrs. Alice Wekesa- Chaiperson 

2.   Fr. Paulino Mondo -Sponsor

3.   Mr. Fredrick Njoroge- Governor

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1.         Mrs. Janet Seka Mabango

2.         …

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