School History




Our Lady of Fatima secondary school was built by the Catholic Church (Comboni Missionaries) in 1988. It is a day mixed secondary school situated in the fringe of Korogocho and Kariobangi north slums. The school was intentionally built here to provided education to the children in the slums and through this education make their lives better. The school was handed over to the government who employed teachers. It started as a one stream school but has grown to a 4 streamed school with a population of 815 boys and girls, 40 teaching staff and 12 non-teaching staff. Thus  its mission  "Providing wholistic education to produce all round individuals who can fit in society".


The schools catchment is the neighbourhood which an area  saddled with many challenges. Despite all these challenges at home, the students find our Lady of Fatima safe haven as it gives quality education, nutritious lunch and utilise the basic facilities like water, sanitation, electricity and a place for private study.


The school motto is Save African with African through higher education. This has come true since the school keeps posting good results in the National Exams year in year out, and many of our former student are enrolled in very competitive courses like Medicine, Architecture, Law, Engineering, Education among others at various universities. More have joined middle level colleges and more still have ventured into private businesses. Thorough this school, the lives of many young people have been transformed as they now lead meaningful lives because they  have joined competitive career paths.


Our Lady of Fatima is a centre of excellence not only in academic but also in nurturing talents. The school has produced students who are talented singers  like M.O.G and are now doing very well in the Music industry. Footballers have found their way into football clubs within the country or abroad in Norway and Holland football clubs.


Our school being in the slums was affected by the post election violence in 2008 as many of our students were displaced, and their homes and property were destroyed but we didn’t loose any. It was a bitter experience that has left a long lasting lesson -the importance of peace. Some still have no stable homes to date as some parents went upcountry but left the children to fend for themselves.

ln close association , the school is partnering with institutions like The Aga Khan Foundation, Obonyo Foundation,Miss Koch,Ghetto films, and other overseas schools like The Media Gymnasiet in Sweden and Maria Assumpta Lycuem in Belgium. This links has opened exceptional networking that has exposed our students both in academics  and social spheres on national and international forums.  


 Our school is an oasis in a desert where students are given hope to soldier on with their education. We are soaring higher than the eagle and not even the sky is the limit for us at OUR LADY OF FATIMA. WE ARE SCALING THE HEIGHTS!!!!!!  

B.O.G / P.T.A


1.   Mrs. Alice Wekesa- Chaiperson 

2.   Fr. Paulino Mondo -Sponsor

3.   Mr. Fredrick Njoroge- Governor

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1.         Mrs. Janet Seka Mabango

2.         …

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